Challenge Dataset

We  have  received  approval  from  the  UK  National  Health  Service  (NHS)  Research Ethics Committee (REC) to use these images for the purpose of research. The NHS REC reference number is 15/NW/0539. Foot images with DFU were collected from the Lancashire Teaching Hospital over the past few years. Three cameras were used for capturing the foot images, Kodak DX4530, Nikon D3300and Nikon COOLPIX P100. The images were acquired with close-ups of the full foot at a distance of around 30–40 cm with the parallel orientation to the plane of an ulcer. The use of flash as the primary light source was avoided, and instead, adequate room lights were used to get the consistent colours in images. Images were acquired by a podiatrist and a consultant physician with specialization in the diabetic foot, both with more than 5 years professional experience. As a pre-processing stage, we have discarded photographs with out of focus and blurry artefacts.

The DFUC2022 dataset consists of 2,000 photographs for training and 2,000 photographs for testing. The ground truth labels comprise of segmentation masks.

More information on this dataset can be found in our dataset baseline paper.

To obtain permission for the dataset, please visit: